Presentation Arts Centre, Enniscorthy
Now celebrating over 10 years exhibiting artists from all over Ireland, the gallery at PAC has shown the work of 340 artists and is home to the annual Open Call Exhibition.

Art Exhibitions during Wexford Opera Festival
Check out the
Wex Art site for details of all exhibitions during Wexford Opera Festival.

The Gaslamp Gallery, Esmonde Street, Gorey, Co Wexford
Regular exhibitions of local and national artists.

Padraig Grant Studio, Rowe St, Wexford

Wexford County Council Art Collection Monthly Guided Tour
There is a wonderful art collection at Wexford County Council's new hq. The late and much respected Mairéad Furlong gave monthly tours of the collection. Not sure what the current situation is re tours.

Ros Tapestry, New Ross, Co Wexford
Over the last decade or so, 150 volunteers have been embroidering the large panels 72” x 54” of the Ros Tapestry which, in 15 panels, tells the story of the arrival of the Normans in Ireland and the founding of the international port of New Ross in 1201 by William Marshal. The ten completed panels are on display in New Ross.

David Daly at The Pumphouse, Wexford Wildfowl Reserve, Wexford
Catch him here once a year ... at Opera Festival time. His watercolours of birds adorn many a Wexford wall.

Libraries of Co. Wexford
Details of goings on at
Co Wexford Libraries.

Pigyard Gallery at Spectrum, Selskar, Wexford
The Pigyard Gallery, one of Wexford's top gallery spaces.

Greenacres Gallery, Selskar, Wexford
See selection of work online at
The gallery is the largest in Wexford. Big selection of sculpture. Artists who have exhibited, or been shown, at Greenacres include Mark Ainsworth, Brian Ballard RUA, Jean Bardon, John Behan RHA, Liam Belton RHA, Pauline Bewick, Orla de Bri, John Brobbel RBA, Louis le Brocquy HRHA, James Brohan, Ken Browne, Patrick Cahill, Eithne Carr RHA, Eamon Carter, Cody, Clifford Collie, Peter Collis RHA, Eamon Colman, Barrie Cooke HRHA, Elizabeth Cope, Malachy Costello, David Crone RHA, Michael Cullen RHA, Jonathan Dalton, Gillian Deeny, Corrina Earlie, Felim Egan, James English RHA, Simon English, Michael Gemmel, Trevor Geoghegan, Gemma Guihan, Charles Harper RHA, Raphael Hynes, Paul Kelly, Bernadette Kiely, John Kingerlee, Ludmila Korol, Graham Knuttel, Sonja Landweer, Jimmy Lawlor, Ciaran Lennon, Paddy Lennon, Pamela Leonard, Maria Levinge, Bernadette Madden, Eddie Mooney HRHA, John Morris, Ian McAllister, Brett McEntagart RHA, Henry McGrane, Sean McSweeney HRHA, Elisabeth O'Brien, Eilis O'Connell RHA, Eamonn O'Doherty, Mark O'Neill, Iwona O'Reilly, Vida Pain, Peter Pearson, Molly Poencet, George Potter RHA, Liam Roberts, Thomas Ryan PPRHA, Neil Shawcross (bottom image), Anita Shelbourne RHA, John Shinnors, Joseph Sloan, John Noel Smith, Rose Stapleton, Sarah Walker, Conor Walton, Helen Blair, Aidan Butler, Patrick Cahill, George Carpendale, Doris Dittrich, Mike Duhan, Joe Dunne RHA, Paul Christopher Flynn, Eoin MacLochlainn, Paul Maloney, Nicola Morrin, Iwona Nartowska O’Reilly, Brian Palm, Mieke Vanmechelen, Manus Walsh, Alison Kay and Caroline Ward.

Wexford Arts Centre, Cornmarket, Wexford. Tel 053 9123764.
Wexford Arts Centre is the town's oldest exhibition space. In Catherine Bowe it has, arguably, the best curator in the southeast.

Wexford Gigs, Shows ... LATEST
Listen while you browse: Paul Burch & WPA Ballclub
Download (free if you like!): One Night on Earth: Music from the Strings of Mali by Derek Gripper
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Blog with some tasty African tracks from the vaults.
Bluegrass Sessions in Dublin
saggyrecordcabinet.blogspot - another one for lovers of old time American country and bluegrass
Rural TV on Sky 279
Wexford Libraries - loads going on!
Listen online to some classy flat-pickin' - great for folk/bluegrass/old time - one for music completists
Rainy day online activities for kids with
See Wexford in 2min 55secs with music by the Submersibles
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