5 sinustop herbal decongestant tablets containing 60mg crystaline put the resultant solution in another small jar, and add 50ml of brake cleaner, then close the lid and shake vigorously. let stand . fill with equal parts of ammonia and chlorine. vm&p naptha or coleman camping fluid(in the red can).
Chlorine Tablet And Brake Fluid Meth

A flash dope form of methamphetamine (see meth) that requires little skill to cook. slang or short for chameleon dope (chlorine tablet and dot-3 brake fluid).

may 19


What is the process of brake fluid? . the fluid extrudes the pistons inside the brake calipers/drums which are against the pads/shoes. what does brake fluid do ?


I been thinking about thiswere you trying to cook meth? we used to use brake fluid and the chlorine tablets for a pool. it turns into a figurehead.

Add 50ml lighter fluid (or colemans fuel) to the tube with your yellow liquid. . brake cleaner contains toluene, so just have look at that. .. this is the problem apparently rhe epa has restricted the sale of tce,pce, and chlorinated items in certain states .. tabs system by vbsoporte - vbulletin en español.

Bbfc says it investigated crystal meth recipe in gta iv | gamepolitics thread crystallizing meth after shake and bake method? | www .

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